Mam Tor™ Publishing


During 2004 Mam Tor™ Publishing was established by Liam & Christina McCormack-Sharp to publish "Sharpenings, The Art of Liam Sharp".
Currently, Mam Tor™ is publishing the critically acclaimed and award-winning anthology "Mam Tor: Event Horizon", a 12 issue series of Trade Paperback sized books, showcasing the finest in underground, fantasy, and science fiction in a unique mix of comics and illustrated text stories by some of the finest names in the industry and the stars of tomorrow.

We're dedicated to producing creator driven works that might not ordinarily find a home on the bookshelf - their being too niche, radical or unquantifiable - despite the evident quality and commitment they display. Mam Tor™ has not been created as a commercial venture, but as a forum for subcultural, underground, science fiction, horror or fantasy artists. There are no fees for the work produced, nor are there the usual editorial restrictions.


Editor In Chief Liam Sharp
Art Direction & Design Tom Muller
Production Christina McCormack
Business Support John McPherson
Editorial Assistants Dawn Fincham & Jason Harris
Prose Submissions Editor Susan J. Boulton
Art Submissions Editors Liam Sharp, John Bamber & Jason Harris

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