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Worry Doll
Cover art by Matt Coyle
76 pages
Retail price: $22.50 US / 14.95 UK
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Winner of the 2007 Rue Morgue award for Best Comic Book Artist!

Worry doll is an inspired piece of gothic noir disguised as a children's book. It concerns a suitcase full of dolls who stumble across the murdered corpses of their host family in the living room, leading them to flee the crime scene and embark on the most nightmarish road trip in popular culture today. Stunningly crafted by artist/writer Matt Coyle, "Worry Doll" is a mesmerising dreamscape quite unlike anything you will have seen or read before.
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Worry Doll Trailer:

Coyle uses a felt-tip pen to create masterpieces of fine lines that boast a photographic reality.
Sydney Morning Herald

...Anyway, the bottom line is: This is worth getting, especially if you are looking for something different and interesting...
Silver Bullet Comics

Inked world of a dark genius.
The Australian

The sustained effort paid off, as the visual sophistication of Worry Doll has seen critics hype it as a new way forward for the genre.
Nothing Magazine
Release date: February 2007
Mature Themes
Graphic Novel, 76 Pages, B/W Art
Retail price: $22.50/14.95 UK
ISBN: 09549998-3-5
Mature Themes
Worry Doll is © Copyright 2007 Matthew Coyle. All rights reserved.

"Disconcerting, enchanting and mesmerising all in one... an incredible achievement."
Jock (The Losers, Faker)

"An amazing piece of work."
David Lloyd (V for Vendetta, Kickback)

"After seeing Worry Doll my only worry is that I'll never sleep again. Wonderfully creepy stuff."
Steve Niles (30 Days of Night)

"Surreal and thought-provoking, a beautifully-drawn evocation of insanity, a disturbing visual poem from the edge of reason: Worry Doll is the work of a master craftsman."
Bryan Talbot (The Tale of One Bad Rat)

"I've just read the Worry Doll and I'm totally creeped out! It's an amazing piece of work on so many levels, and despite the subject matter I find it totally refreshing..."
Doug Braithwaite (Universe X, Justice)

Interview with Matt Coyle:

...Coyle's work is groundbreaking. The imagery in Worry Doll is so far ahead of anything out there in terms of visual sophistication that it suggests a new way forward for the genre - maybe a new genre altogether.
The Daily Telegraph

With a surprising blend of old-school horror, psychological thriller, and fine art, Matt Coyle succeeds on every level with this truly unique new graphic novel.

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