Reluctant Barbarian by Liam Sharp | Make Your Own Book

It would be too easy to describe God Killers as a promising debut. Sharp writes fantasy with the assurance of an otherworld-seeing prophet. FOUR STARS
SFX Magazine #182, May 2009

Mam Tor is proud to announce the critically acclaimed debut novel by Liam Sharp! After a pre-release sell-out, a new edition will be available May 15th 2009!

"The Enemy's Son" is now available in Waterstones and all good bookstores!

Promo for the "effortlessly brilliant" new fantasy novel and short stories by Liam Sharp.


We've got some big news: "The Enemy's Son" is now available in Waterstones and all good bookstores!


Coming soon from Mam Tor: "A Tribute To Zed Beddington", the 2nd novel from Nick Wray (St. Cyborgs), and "The God Killers" by our own Liam Sharp - a novella + a collection of short stories that have appeared in Event Horizon and online! Stay tuned for more info.


We're happy to announce that the 2nd issue of our collaboration with Mother London and Time Out London Four Feet From A Rat is available now in the latest issue of Time Out London (issue 1977)!
Once again the exclusive comic features 3 all new stories written by Mother with art provided by Liam Sharp, Dave Kendall, John McCrea, and Chris Weston who returns with part 2 of The Little Guy!
Go to our Downloads section, where you can download the complete issue for FREE!


Mam Tor™ Publishing is proud to announce the release of James Johnson's "The Enemy's Son" SF/Fantasy novel - the first release in The Erth Chronicles series.
Available now at our shop for £6.99 GBP, with free worldwide shipping!


We've got a bit of news!  Mam Tor Publishing Ltd. has collaborated with Mother (London) Advertising Ltd. to produce a 16 page quarterly comic inside the London edition of "Time Out" magazine (March 19th 2008).
Read the interview with Liam Sharp and a review of the comic in The Guardian newspaper.

Four Feet From a Rat" features four London-centric stories; "The Crane Gods" illustrated by Liam Sharp, "The Little Guy" by Chris Weston, "Routemaster" by Dave Kendall, and "Don Pigeone" by Kev Crossley.  All the scripts were provided by Mother. This is a great chance to take this kind of work to a whole new audience, there are plans to collect the stories into a single book later on, and we're planning on including other big name creators in future editions.


We are proud to announce that artist Matt Coyle has won the 2007 Rue Morgue award for 'Best Comic Book Artist' for his groundbreaking graphic novel "Worry Doll", published by Mam Tor in February 2007.
Rue Morgue is one of the leading horror genre magazines in the world, and to be given an award is an amazing feat! We all congratulate Matt on his well deserved win!

Buy Worry Doll at our shop for $17.95, including free worldwide shipping!


Mam Tor™ Publishing is proud to announce the release of Nick Wray's "St. Cyborg's" SF novel - 13 mindbending SF shorts of alien teachers, pregnant SuperHeroines, a caretaker who runs an after-school chain-gang for miscreants, the scariest petshop in the world and much more....
Scheduled for international release in bookstores and book shops in December 2007! Available now at our shop for £5.99 GBP, with free worldwide shipping!

VZE - Viking Zombie Elvis, A Mam Tor Production coming soon!

...Coyle's work is groundbreaking. The imagery in Worry Doll is so far ahead of anything out there in terms of visual sophistication that it suggests a new way forward for the genre - maybe a new genre altogether.
The Daily Telegraph, The Australian

Mam Tor™ Publishing is proud to announce the release of Matt Coyle's "Worry Doll" graphic novel, scheduled for international release in bookstores and comic shops in February 2007! Available now at our shop for $17.95, with free worldwide shipping!


Mam Tor™ Publishing is proud to announce Lap of the Gods, published in collaboration with Kymera Comics in France.
Lap of the Gods is a 32 page graphic novel collecting rare work by Liam Sharp, limited to only 500 copies.
Available now at our shop for $5.00, including worldwide shipping!


Our award-winning anthology Event Horizon 2 is now available at a 50% discount! A perfect time to dive into an astonishing world of SF, Fantasy, and Horror.
Now only $19.95 $10.50
Buy Now

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